iD zip tie

  • £30.00

These can be fitted to many products ranging from textile products to any item where a Dot or a Helmet Sticker may not adhere permanently to. They can also be used to mark a group of components assembled together into a kit bag, box or trolley of equipment, associating the iD serial number with all the assembled components together in a grouped inventory.

iD product specifications


  • UHF RFID Tag
  • Reads on Contact with DMM iD Reader
  • 50 year lifespan RFID tag
  • Comes programmed with unique alphanumeric serial number
  • Can be attached to metal or textile products with attachment options that do not impact on product function, such as harness gear loops and fixed eye anchors
  • Should not be attached to metal or textile products where attachment impedes product function, such as shock absorbers or devices with rotating parts
  • Minimum order for iD Zip Ties is 1 x pack of 10
  • Quoted price is ex. VAT